In this webinar, we will learn to leverage SAP BTP and HANA Cloud to build agile data models and analytics by acquiring data from SAP and non-SAP sources to create insightful analytics in SAC.

Newell Brands started its journey to move from legacy Data Warehousing platform three years ago as analytics became a primary driver of value generation and business strategy. Digitization and M&A activities motivated Newell to use Microsoft Azure Cloud platform as the foundation for modern analytics including enterprise data, external data and partner data. Learn about the benefits, business advantages and adoption / challenges Newell faced in this journey of moving from Legacy to Modern Analytics platform.

Developing and Maintaining scalable Machine Learning solutions require a thoughtful and holistic approach that considers all stages of the Machine Learning Lifecycle. Venator is using IoT Data and Machine Learning models on MS Azure to drive product quality and applies a DevOps approach to deploy and manage complete Machine Learning pipelines to ensure stable applications and insights.

Chamberlain selected SAP Analytics Cloud to provide their Regional Sales Directors a modern tool to review, analyze and visualize sales forecasts entered by their Sales Reps and easily make adjustments at any level of their organization. Teklink leveraged SAC features to eliminate manual labor, for process orchestration, to create a baseline leveraging Predictive features, and to provide visualizations to track forecast accuracy.

With a highly competitive marketplace, corporations are facing a growing data footprint and increasingly evolving technology solutions. Organizations must carefully weigh their IT options. This client roundtable will be an open forum to discuss IT roadmap options, how companies address their Data and Analytics projects, share learnings on successfully getting project approvals and other practices and options for building an effective Data Platform and Analytics Roadmap both in the short-term as well as the long-term

Now, more than ever, with the advancements in technology and the ability to store data cheaply and various types of data available to analyze, it has become paramount to deploy strong Data Governance and overall Data Strategy to maximize the analysis and make decisions on the data.

Many organizations have yet to fully embrace the new Hybrid Cloud model. In some cases, business or IT leaders may still harbor security concerns about placing resources in the public cloud, even though the cloud often delivers a stronger level of security. Others may be using the public cloud for some applications but have not completed the effort to fully integrate cloud infrastructure with on-premises resources. Still others may think they have developed a hybrid cloud model, but do not fully understand what that entails. In this session, we will discuss what are the benefits of hybrid cloud implementation.

In these unprecedented, challenging times, the ability to accelerate business outcomes from data has gained importance on the path to becoming an intelligent enterprise. SAP continues to advance its Data Warehousing portfolio – and provides unique innovation beyond classical data warehousing. Join Linda O’Connor, GVP Product Strategy SAP Data Warehouse, and Hagen Jander, Senior Director Product Management SAP Data Warehouse, to learn about recent developments and SAP’s major innovation areas such as related to Data Cataloging and Harmonization, the integration of External Data, Business Content Packages, and the Reuse of SAP Business Warehouse investments in the Public Cloud. Tune in to understand SAP’s strategic direction in the Data Warehousing portfolio and the opportunities it provides for your data strategy.

Join TekLink and Microsoft as our Cloud Security Experts discuss the key threats corporations face and some of the best approaches for detecting and protecting against IT vulnerabilities. We will present various scenarios and approaches for a robust Cloud Security Model. Microsoft's Senior Architect will join us for this valuable workshop.

Join Lindt and TekLink as we share a story of the transformation of the customer planning and trade promotions planning and analytics at Lindt USA, and how TPM enables RGM (Revenue Growth Management).

Contrary to what others may have you believe, harnessing the power and insights of Machine Learning solutions requires more than distributed big data environments and cutting-edge statistical models. The factor that often differentiates between success and failure for these projects is centered around one much less glamorous and overlooked factor: the quality and understandings behind the base data.

Newell has transformed IT Support for Business teams to meet the rapidly changing business environment. Learn how a mix of organizational, process, and culture change management and the smart use of technology-enabled Newell to achieve its goal of streamlining its business support.

Data and analytics are becoming primary drivers of value generation and business strategy for data-driven organizations. Many midsize companies are facing challenges with a lack of an organizational focus on data and analytics. As companies look to address this challenge, what are the best options for building a cost-effective yet scalable Analytics platform to address future analytics needs?

Is your company about to start a new project in Data and Analytics? If yes, then you should attend this session as a group of panelists will hold an open forum to discuss the Dos and Don'ts of running a Data and Analytics project from Ideation to Go-Live. Bring your questions and share the best approaches with the group. This is a client-led forum.

Has your organization contemplated moving your infrastructure to the Cloud? Are you facing challenges maintaining a huge production infrastructure team? Listen to TekLink's Cloud Nucleus' experts share the business case for moving your platform to the Cloud and the financial and non-financial benefits and trade-offs.

Learn how customers are using PowerBI to support their Operations and Business Management to manage their Financial Analytics. Our Data Visualization experts walk you thru a real case demo.A Live Demo to Show What You Can Do For Financial Analytics Using Power BI

Understand modern data storage options available DW, Data Lake, and Delta Lake. DW and DL are engineered to serve different use cases for the organizations, and because of that, data need to be stored most of the time in both. We will explain how having other storage options is disrupting a single source of truth for organizations. Come join us to see how a Lake House option is a new engineering solution addressing these use cases from both Data Warehousing and Data Lakes.

When supporting your company's digital transformation, you need a robust analytics platform that offers you the flexibility to adapt and innovate with speed. Pregis share their success story with SAP's Business Technology Platform. Learn how the business analysis was modeled in SAP BTP using data from S4HANA and C4C and created insightful analytics to support decisions using SAP Analytics Cloud.

Learn How Finance and Business Managers are able to conduct customer and business planning more accurately. Teklink's Chief Architect walks you through the Rate-Volume-Mix Analysis tool that enables managers to tell the truth behind the numbers to explain Revenue, COGS, and Gross Margin variances. Join us for this highly valuable session.

In this session, we will discuss the importance of external data, scalable tools, and predictive analytics towards navigating the volatility during the era of COVID. Rich Wagner, CEO at Prevedere, and Hemant Varshney, Cloud Analytics Leader at TekLink, will discuss how an enterprise can solve for blind spots in their forecast by incorporating external factors and efficiently leveraging macroeconomic data and AI, to seamlessly create predictive models that build confidence with executives.

SAP Analytics cloud has been in the market for a few years and the latest releases have incorporated new features that set it apart. In this session we will look at the main features and capabilities that not only allow to cover all the planning needs but incorporate functionality not available in other tools

Is your organization looking to measure the success and efficiency of your processes such as Accounts Payable, Order Management, and others? Or, are you looking for Process Automation candidates? Then, do not miss this session on Process Analytics. This highly valuable session will present uses cases of analyzing processes for efficiency, optimization, and automation.

Please join this session for an update on how SAP is extending its Intelligent Enterprise capabilities to Trade and Revenue Management processes. We’ll share the evolution of SAP’s strategy in trade promotion management, talk about current and planned next-gen capabilities, and introduce how ML/AI are creating new levels of efficiency in consumer products.

Implementing S/4? It’s time to rethink your BI strategy. Organizations moving to SAP S/4HANA as part of their digital transformation are also seeing a disruption in their BI and analytics roadmap. With a multitude of architecture options combining SAP and non-SAP toolsets, customers are at crossroads evaluating the BI needs and the right path forward. In this session learn how companies use this opportunity to set up a BI foundation that aligns with their digital transformation journey.

Pricing Analytics enables companies across different industries to significantly improve profitability & market share by defining optimal prices & pricing strategies. We present Pricing Analytics solution powered by SAP HANA that can be used to analyze the pricing data and to reveal various margin improvement opportunities. We also present the use case where this analysis can be used to evaluate price erosion and fix the most obvious cases of price misalignment and leakages. This session explains two different implementation approach at a high level (S/4+Enterprise HANA approach and BWoH approach).

Conagra embarked on an ambitious BPC implementation to replace their time-consuming and complex legacy process with a driver-based implementation. Attend this session to learn how a new process and design were created to reduce the amount of time spent on operational activities and allow the team to have time to do analysis

As new planning and consolidation applications are promoted by SAP, many SAP customers are wondering what is the future of their BPC implementations. Join this session, to learn why BPC is still the preferred On-premise planning and consolidation software and what is SAP's BPC roadmap.

In this session, you will learn how leveraging BPC Embedded features can improve your planning process to address the demands of a highly competitive market by looking at a real-life case study.

Now more than ever, the ability to accurately forecast cash flow is critical to businesses. In this session we will show how we enable our customers to analyze and predict cash flow, plan for different scenarios such as changing payment terms, taking bank loans, and others all in real-time.

SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning now features business content that can be leveraged for real-time planning on your S/4 HANA system. Join this session to learn what are the components offered by SAP for customers in S/4 HANA. Find out methodologies and best practices to ensure a successful implementation of SAP SAC for Planning.

With the explosive growth of user-generated content on the web, the need for its useful analysis has grown exponentially. Brands and Organizations are heavily investing in mining people’s sentiments and opinions to understand how their products are performing in real-time and find opportunities for improvement. Now, more than ever, it’s key for companies to pay close attention to Voice of Customer (VoC) to boost the customer experience to ensure that their products remain competitive and satisfy the ever-changing needs of the customers.  Using Machine Learning, we can classify each review under a pre-defined intent label, and apply a sentiment value to best measure how each aspect of the product is performing and highlight any areas for improvement.

As data storage and computation resources become more integrated and inexpensive, analysis on unstructured data types such as images and text has become much more advanced and accurate.  Recent developments in image recognition and transfer learning have enabled the fine-tuning of current State of Art Deep Learning Architectures to any proprietary task.  Leveraging these solutions to more accurately process users’ warranty images drastically cuts down on manual intervention and the hours required to correctly sort each claim.

With a goal to implement analytics culture, DFC adopted a BI architecture leveraging Azure Cloud Platform, on-prem data warehousing with SAP HANA. This session takes you through DFC journey that made self-service analytics a reality. We share the approach and learnings from this program that enabled business users to model, analyze, and visualize the data using modern BI tools.

Worried about the high cost of analytics v/s benefits? It’s time to move on, if your data platform isn’t moving you forward. Snowflake is a cloud data platform delivered as a service available on any cloud with near-zero maintenance. It provides the multi-cluster shared data architecture with secure live data sharing and collaboration - eliminating the cost and headache of static data sharing. In this session, we will discuss how you can use the features of Snowflake such as autoscale, auto-resume, auto suspend the compute cost with per-second billing makes it possible to implement a cost-effective modern data warehouse.

Have you been thinking about migrating your BW system to HANA? Well, let’s do it! Join us in this session as we present a real-life project scenario with the Chamberlain Group Inc. Learn about DMO Migration as one of the stepping stones on this journey, and how to get your system and team ready to take immediate advantage of BW on HANA after you migrate. We will share our lessons learned on migration and creating a foundation for optimization initiatives to improve performance and re-engineer processes. Walk away with tips on building a solid migration business case, sizing for your HANA system and steps for a successful migration.

SAP HANA 2.0 brings advanced capabilities across key areas such as data modeling, data integration and performance optimization. In addition, all the latest solutions of SAP (S/4HANA, BW/4HANA) are based on HANA 2.0 platform. After the HANA 2.0 upgrade, SAP customers can switch to the new XS Advanced (XSA) and Web IDE, to leverage all the future advancements.

Your analysis may prove a point, but how do you get the stakeholders to see the insights buried in your analysis? Attend this session and learn how to reveal the hidden stories in your data. We present to you a simple framework on how to tell compelling data stories that grab attention and inspire action. Our step by step process will transform your dashboards into insightful stories that your stakeholders will understand and love. Don’t start your next BI Project till you have mastered the art of data storytelling.

Traditional budget processes are ineffective as organizations require continuous forecasts to help guide them in today’s fast-changing global economy. Finance teams must adapt, re-forecast, and react sooner than later to avoid massive business disruptions and to respond quickly to new market opportunities or threats. In this session, Ciaran Hickey, management consultant at TekLink, will discuss how organizations can evolve into agile planning by: Rethinking manual excel processes, leveraging Continuous Planning to avoid obsolete plans, leveraging data insights to drive actions, and more.

TekLink's Trade Promotion Planning and Customer Sales Planning solution enables users to plan promotions at multiple levels, analyze promotion profitability and plan customer sales and instantly see the impact of promotions on the customer P&L.

Learn how Lindt is working with TekLink to transform its customer and trade planning and analytics processes to drive revenue, volume & internal margin growth and foster joint business planning with its partners, by implementing an integrated SAP Trade Management solution.

Increasing user expectations. Completely new analytical possibilities. Fast-growing, heterogeneous data volumes, distributed over increasingly complex system landscapes. The pressure to deliver relevant information ever faster. Companies and manufacturers are facing new challenges. In which direction is data warehousing developing? Where is the journey with SAP BW, SAC, or the DWC heading? Are the alternatives better? How to integrate artificial intelligence? All this with limited budgets?

Hear how our customer migrated BW 7.4/BPC 10.0 on SQL to BW 7.5/BPC 10.1 on multi-node HANA database on-premise and then migrated to Azure cloud, using best practices for sizing Production landscape, Housekeeping tasks, optimizing infrastructure & performance, and minimizing downtime.

Watch this session for an update on how SAP together with leading CP companies around the world is extending its Intelligent Enterprise capabilities to Trade and Revenue Management processes. We’ll share the evolution of SAP’s strategy in trade promotion management, talk about next-gen capabilities, and introduce how ML/AI are creating new levels of efficiency in consumer products.

According to recent findings by Gartner, 85% of Data Science and Big Data projects fail to move past preliminary stages of development. Implementing proper tools and standards within your cloud platform ensures that your Machine Learning projects are set up for success and that they can be scaled to meet the needs of the entire organization. Using Microsoft Azure’s Databricks Clusters and Machine Learning Services, it is easy to add enhanced Data Science capabilities on top of any existing cloud storage and transformation pipelines to unlock new analytics solutions.

Learn how TekLink and Newell used a Microsoft Azure Data lake, DevOps and Power BI to provide the Newell Finance team with a single location to analyze all plants by Key Metrics and KPI’s; as well as make their Actuals to Budget/ Actuals to Forecast comparisons despite having data come from multiple sources.

Maintaining a secure Azure infrastructure is crucial for businesses. In this session, we will explain how to prevent cybersecurity threats using Azure IAM, Data Protection, Network Security, Threat Protection, and Security management.

Journey of a Digital Transformation project for any manufacturing company can be full of challenges across all work-streams and can make the implementation path quite strenuous for the project team, program leadership as well as the crew working in the plant. This study reveals role of analytics in the making of a smart plant and highlights key considerations such as the choice of infrastructure, selecting the right partners, and preparing the plant crew to embrace the digitalization early on. This could lead to sizable savings during the life of the project. It also makes recommendations on analytics solutions that could help businesses with improved monitoring of key metrics leading to enhanced functioning of various processes in the plant

Dolby and Newell Brands leadership share their views on various topics around their global Analytic Support models. Both leverage an AMS – application maintenance and support – model.

Our clients have many options when choosing data visualization tools. In this session we will share our experience implementing Power BI, SAP SAC and Tableau. We will explain how each tool addresses our clients' needs including modern, advanced BI and predictive features and how to determine the best solution for your needs.